We use a wide variety of laminated panels to make cabinets of your desired style, colour, and finish. We work with materials from main brands such as Polytec, Laminex, Formica, and others.

Please follow the link below to see the colours and finishes available on the manufacturers’ websites. We can bring you samples of your choice of materials so that you can see them and feel the finish.


There are two basic options for your new benchtop material: stone and laminated board. Both work well it is just a matter of trying them out.

When you choose to have a laminated benchtop, we make it. In case you prefer a stone one, we hire a subcontractor, or you can choose another one if you prefer. We will coordinate with them anyway.

We can bring you samples of the most popular stones and we have all samples for laminate with us.

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Basically, hardware for cabinetry is door hinges and drawer runners. Both come in various types for different levels of comfort and functionality. Reliable hardware is a very important part of the cabinet and largely determines how satisfied you will be when you use the cabinets.

We mostly use products from Blum – a well-known worldwide brand.

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There are many different styles for cabinetry, which you can choose exclusively according to your taste. The style of the door defines how the whole kitchen, pantry, laundry, or any other room will look. We provide our customers with a wide range of door profiles.

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